Hi I'm Kaija! (Kai-ya)
I'm an artist from Rhode Island. I love animals, hiking and just looking at trees...But also like to spend all day indoors hunched over a worktable or computer screen working on bringing charming characters to life through drawing and animating. A fan of cartoons, comics, cats, and video games I appreciate story and especially storytelling with images.
After being home-schooled and getting a GED I studied art at Community College of Rhode Island before transferring to Rhode Island School of Design. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Film/Animation/Video with honors.
Before going to get that degree I chopped fruit for Stop & Shop for a couple of years. And while in school I worked in the cafeteria for a time. One time I did some art/welding work for the Steel Yard. Occasionally I do work one-off commission work like jam labels or album art. Anyway, for right now I am: working on Silly kitty mugs, my webcomic, and delivering mail for USPS.
You can contact me for any reason at, KaijaHarrison@gmail.com
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