When a group of mice stumble across a corpse laying in the woods and no one else is around they decide to take matters into their own paws.

(Content warning for a dead body and some blood)

The idea spark from what I saw in a watercolor wash.

Idea sketches, mice cops, cute mice with bars, guns and attitude.

Started as a very goofy story, partly a CSI parody.

Later character sketches after it turned into a more serious story about a lab rats revenge.

Animation method tests for the goofy version.

Animation for the serious version, was cut due to plot changes.

The project started as a silly crime scene investigation, but as it went on it lent more toward drama as I explored the motive for the murder, every week the story changed drastically alternating between drama and comedy, in the end it landed in the comedy category and dropped the murder motive completely.
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